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“Clients of WhiteBoard have enjoyed accelerated growth, increased revenues and a clearer vision of what they want from their business and in life.
Tom Schroth, Founder


How Can WhiteBoard partner with you?

  • Personal Development & High Performance Leadership...

    Our coaching helps you identify your vision, set goals, create a strategy and implement it. As part of YOUR success team we help guide the process and make coarse corrections along the way. Vision- Strategy -Action
  • Create a Professional & (In) Credible Brand Image...

    The low hanging fruit for many businesses lies in Branding, Marketing and Advertising. Creating a professional and credible image is an important first step to gaining top quality customers and increasing your revenue. We are EXPERTS in Branding!
  • Increase Sales, Grow Revenue & Shorten the Sales Cycle...

    People buy from those the "Know, Like & Trust". Our Sales Rainmaker Program shows you how to stop selling and teach your prospect to buy from you. Learn how your prospects think and how to work smarter, not harder.
  • How to Get All the Prospects You want -

    Our fields sales prospecting training is just one of our areas in the "It's Just a Skill" program that shows you how anyone can master just about any skill you desire by establishing a vision, setting goals and taking action.

WhiteBoard Group Programs for Success!

Our Clients are talking!

  • As business owners, many times we are too close to our everyday patterns of work to see what needs to be changed to excel.  The Business Growth Experience makes you think, learn, grow and aspire in every step you take.  Every business owner should take the time to invest in the Business Growth Experience! The return on investment in time, money and focus far exceeded our expectations.  Our business is up 55% in the last 12 months!  MTO Clean
  • I highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. I am presently a member of the Business Growth Experience and have been since July of last year. I made an investment in this program and it really has changed my life - the way I think, the way I do business, and where I spend my time. Jo Ann Wetzel
  • Before the Business Growth Experience we were averaging 2.7 new clients per month. After working with the Business Growth Experience we are averaging 7 new clients a month. In one month we paid for your service." Ron Conte, Akron Payroll & Tax
  • Our sales from last year have risen by $183,632.29. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your mentoring and guidance in the Business Growth Experience Sales Rainmaker Program. Earlier this week I found myself at a sales appointment with a difficult lead. Instead of potentially losing a sale I was able to turn the appointment around when I would typically have to walk away.  Since starting the program I am able to be more confident in my sales process, and have been closing sales at a higher profit margin.” Mike Mireiter, Unique Landscaping LLC
  • Tom Partnered with me to do a startup of a contracting and roofing company. He handled all the details from start to finish including business name, corporate registration, banks accounts, credit, branding, logo, website, client contracts, vendor relationships, supplier accounts even phone system and letterhead! He put into place an advertising campaign and within a few months we were doing business! I was able to meet with clients, generate sales and manage projects, spending time on the things I like to do! Rick - Kudzu Contracting - Atlanta Georgia
  • We brought Tom as an interim manager for one of our struggling offices. He modernized the office procedures and implements a recruiting program to increase out agent count in the office. He put in place a structure to help us get a new full time manager and build this office to one of our busiest and most productive in our system! Tim - RE/MAX North Atlanta
  • Structure and organization. That's was where Whiteboard was able to help us most. We have growing business and never had the time for the details. WhiteBoard was able to help backfill some administrative policies, procedures and contracts for make the back office more consistent and automated. I can do more of what I love to, get in front of clients! Jeff - JLAW Media - Hudson Ohio
  • Tom with WhiteBoard came in to help us with our marketing. With a new brand image we were able to not just increase sales but bring in a much higher quality tenant and charge higher rents! We went from losing money to being profitable in about 4 months and are projecting an increase of $140,000 for next year! Glen Valley Apartments - Bedford Ohio