Skills can be taught… Skills can be learned… Anyone can do that!

“It’s Just a Skill®” is based on a simple and scientifically proven concept that excellent and superior levels of achievement are a product of learning and practicing a skill, not by natural ability and genetics.

A high level of competence can be achieved in just about any area with the proper focus and rehearsal. Skills can be taught and learned and while this concept seems overly simplistic, it requires very specific actions to accomplish. You must have the key components in place and operating to achieve extraordinary results

—– Vision ——— Clarity ——— Desire —–

Our “It’s Just a Skill®” programs teach you how to create a vision for your work and life, determine underlying motivations, making sure it is congruent with other aspects of who you are, define specific goals that support youressay topics to write about for college vision, and put in place steps to achieve them.

How do top performers in athletics, business, science, etc. achieve such high levels of success? The same way you get to Carnegie Hall, practice, practice, practice. They have had a happy intersection of opportunity, motivation, encouragement and time or have been coached and taught the underlying skills to achieve extraordinary results.

The “it’s Just a Skill®” methodology is introduced in a number of ways

Talks: We regularly speak at association meetings and civic organizations. These talks are from 15 minutes to 1 hour in length and will be targeted to you audience. We can prepare material specific to your membership.  Speaking fees are nominal and you may be eligible for a scholarship or greatly reduced fees.

Workshops: 1/2 day, full day and multi day programs targeted at both the seasoned sales professional and the corporate support staff.  We will custom design a workshop to target specific areas of your business. Our programs can address and support your companies cultures and management objectives. As an “outsider” the information we give comes with added credibility that when coming from an internal source is hard to match.

Speaking: Practical educational keynotes that are designed not just to pump you up but to leave you with practical steps that you can use immediately. We work to develop a theme in keeping with the organization’s corporate message and keep the event on point. Our partners’ background, experience and expertise cover a vast fund of knowledge and we can come up with creative programing and get our audience thinking outside the box!

Coaching: Learning and achieving does not end after a speech or workshop. It requires ongoing interaction and accountability. How did an apprentice master a trade or art? They worked with someone that has already done it. We focus on accelerated learning that is achieved by an ongoing relationship of trust, respect and accountability. We can come along staff and management with an accelerated “Train the Trainer” coaching program to teach your management how to keep the momentum going with your staff and sales force and provide ongoing inspiration. WhiteBoard Group will be there to not only reinforce but to redesign as your business evolves.