Business Growth Experience Rainmaker Sales Program

Instructor Lead Classroom Training

Master Mind Group – Peer Advisory Board

One-2-One Business Coaching & Accountability

The “Business Growth Experience” combines regular classroom sessions and formal training in an interactive environment with peer-to-peer group “mastermind” brainstorming / problem solving meetings and one-on-one coaching and accountability.

Take the opportunity to get to know us at one of our monthly “Quick Start” workshops. We conduct an accelerated 2 hour program that will review the foundational principals of our programs and focus in on simple skills you can start using right away. Not just a “dog & pony show” we give you valuable information in a legitimate workshop.

In addition, you will have a great opportunity to network with other business professionals.

Who benefits from this program?
Business Consultants – Coaches – Sale Professionals
HR Staff – Field Representatives – Business Owners

The Business Growth Experience benefits a wide cross section of individuals ranging from small and medium sized business owners, entrepreneurs and startups and sales professionals. Many consultants and coaches implement the strategies they learn here with their clients.

 The Classroom: You will experience content taken form decades of corporate and small business experience. Your trainers learned the hard way, have refined a set of best practices through years of real world experience. Not just theoretical, we have been using and refining all the ideas we teach, they are proven and they work. You will be learning alongside other motivated and enthusiastic professionals interacting with them to gain valuable experience from the front line.

The Master Mind group: You will be able to present your challenges to you peers and get instant feedback and ideas you can use right away. This is a safe environment where creativity and “outside the box” thinking are encouraged. Each group session begins with your success stories since the last meeting and then  give each participant the opportunity to present current challenges to the group. Each group ends with specific actions steps and accountability for the next session.

 The Coaching Sessions: Your trainer / coach will be there every step of the way to give you one-on-one input and encouragement while leading you step-by-step through the items you have learned in the classroom and the action steps taken from your Master Mind  group. Your coaching sessions will keep you focused on your goals, reinforce the new behaviors you have learned and help you make adjustments along the way.